Tattoo Process

A guide to getting your new tattoo

Step 1-Consultation

Process is started by scheduling a consultation.  We will sit down for a few minutes and figure out the specific details.  At the end of the consultation we require a nonrefundable deposit that will be credited towards the last tattoo session.  Our tattoo shop minimum is $120.

Step 2-Completed Design


Once your design is completed, your artist will contact and ask you to come back to Green Fox Tattoo shop and check out the design.  NO DESIGN WILL BE EMAILED, NO EXCEPTIONS (even if you are my best friend’s mom). If you love the design, we will get on it,  If you don’t like it,  well we will obviously modify it. Tattoos are for life and we want them looking incredible.


Step 3-Scheduling Appointments

The first session is to establish all the details and often takes 5-6 hours.  More can be done in one 6-hour session than two 3-hour sessions because of set-up time.

Step 4-Complete Tattoo within a year

To keep your tattoo consistent and cohesive, it is most beneficial for you to get the tattoo completed within a year.  This will keep touch ups to a minimum and save you many hours of pain and dollar bills.