Green Fox Tattoo

Green Fox is a private tattoo shop located in the center of Omaha, NE where fresh fine art is given life on skin.


Tattoo Shop Omaha


Hello from Green Fox Tattoo shop!  As a private tattoo shop, we work with dedicated clients who demand the finest permanent art on their skin.

Every inquiry will be answered, but not everyone will be accepted. Small tattoos will be considered, however priority is given to clients wanting medium or large work.

Cover ups or re-works tattoo are accepted on a case to case basis.  

Please enjoy the website, portfolio, and our social pages. Due to high demand please be patient throughout this process.

recent work

Coffee Bean

Watercolor horse Tattoo

Coffee Bean

Spawn Tattoo

Coffee Bean

Anatomical Heart and Hand Tattoo

The Best 3D Tattoo Shop 

Every day at Green Fox Tattoo shop we strive to create the best 3D tattoos in Omaha, Nebraska.  All of our tattoo designs are custom made to fit the flow and the location on your body where the tattoo will go.  Our artists have the highest quality tattoo work and we pride ourselves in being the best tattoo shop we could possibly be.

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12PM -7PM



(402) 452-3484



1103 S. 119th St., 
Omaha, Nebraska 68144