3D Tattoos

3D tattoos have a huge benefit to the client because of the infinite possibilities from a single design


Patrick has developed a unique process of using 3D rendering software to create beautiful tattoo references. In this video you can see the infinite possibilities of light, color, and texture.  This allows for several unique tattoo designs to be generated from one source. This also allows the client to view many different options before deciding on their tattoo

Most of these designs would make a great 1/4 arm sleeve. (This one can be done on you)


Client Concept

Digital Sculpt

Final Reference

Dramatic 3D Tattoo


Watch this turn table animation and see how the reference can be done from an infinite amount of angles. 3D references take tattoos to the next level. We love to take on a challange, ask us what we can sculpt for you today. 

Commissioned 3d tattoos

Geometric Skull Tattoo

We took a 3D skull model and “decimated” it to reduce the geometry to simple shapes


Green-Eyed viking Tattoo

Half 2D Half 3D.  We sculpted the helmet and added it to the old man photo

Feminine Nautical Tattoo

We changed the 3D surface material to glass to achieve a realistic transparent effect

3D skull design

This design is up for grabs as it has not been tattooed on anyone else yet

Old moss-covered skull

Moss covered skull reference.  This tattoo has been completed and can be seen on the portfoio page

Heart in Lantern tattoo

We slid the heart into the lantern, turned the heart into an emissive light source, and turned the side panels into glass

digital fine art

These have all been created using Z brush, a 3D scultpting software